Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. I have some pics to share, but they’re on the camera at home. Finally, we reap some rewards from the never ending winter we had this year. The bugs aren’t really here yet (although Patrick cleaned our gutters and there was a very satisfying clog removed from the front gutter that probably killed a million mosquitoes), and the breeze kept the weather pleasant.

We had friends, and parties, and family, and food, and it was great. Seamus played with big kids and smaller kids. Gilbert was delighted when we moved the sandbox to a sunny patch of yard so he could use it more effectively. There was a very minor incident of sand in the bounce house, and another of water in the bounce house, but what’s being a kid without a little danger?

Speaking of. Patrick took the boys camping today for two nights in Shenandoah National Park. I didn’t go because I’m teaching, I have an essay due, and I just can’t get on board with sleeping on the ground right now. The boys are half hoping to see a bear. Gilbert keeps telling me that they will not be keeping any food in the tent! And Seamus said, “I wish I were camping by myself, and that Dada would just drop me off and let me stay there alone.”  (Um, Chris McCandlass?) I said, “What about if a coyote comes?” He said, “No, Mama, that’s not going to happen.” True, probably. The last few times we’ve camped have been urban camping, and the time in Baltimore, there were gunshots and helicopters all night looking for a suspect.


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