The Next Five Weeks

are going to be really busy and go by really fast! One would hope.

I’m teaching summer school, session one, and it runs Monday May 19 through June 19th. Five weeks, three days a week, three hours a day. I have to read 6 novels in the next five weeks. I’m not complaining, but I bet my students will be! Speaking of. We’re going to read some really interesting novels in this course. It’s Major Women Writers, and the study will be on sexuality and women’s identities. They’re going to get a good dose of theory, but they will also get to read:

  • Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden
  • The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith
  • Passing by Nella Larsen (not a surprise. I teach this all the time and am trying to finish an article on it.)
  • The Awakening by Kate Chopin
  • So Far From God by Ana Castillo
  • In Another Place, Not Here by Dionne Brand

Bonus points if you figure out the common threads. We’re also going to watch a few films.

  • Orlando based on Virginia Woolf novel
  • The Children’s Hour based on Lillian Hellman’s play
  • Thelma and Louise 

I’m throwing in some poems and some foundational feminist theory, and that ought to take care of it. When I finish, I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant and we’ll just be hanging out, twiddling our thumbs until the little brother shows up.


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