Partied Out

The Glucose Test came back fine. I was a little on the low end on iron, but that’s to be expected in the third trimester, so I’ll just keep on with my hippie supplement, Floradix.

We’ve had some fun times lately, with Seamus’s 5th birthday, and family visiting. He did get a little over-birthday-ed, but he rallied with some dessert and patient teaching of how to use his new toys. He took the longest to eat his dessert of anyone (a brownie, with ice cream, hot fudge sauce, cherries, and peanuts).

With the new bow and arrow.
With the new bow and arrow.

He wanted to know why he didn’t have a party with all his friends, but wow–as I’ve said before, that’s a lot of work. And it was pretty overwhelming for him to have so much attention from family, anyway. Plus, Gilbert was doing pretty well with Seamus getting most of the attention, until the very end, when he just couldn’t take it any more.

Yesterday, we went to a few parties. Seamus and Gilbert loved getting their faces painted like stegosaurus and triceratops. It was a dinosaur themed party.

Seamus did not want his picture made, but I told him there'd be no cake if I didn't have a picture.
Seamus did not want his picture made, but I told him there’d be no cake if I didn’t have a picture.

After that we had a baby shower to drop by and another friend’s birthday party. It was a gloriously fun day, gorgeous weather, cooperative kids, and lots of activity. We even managed to catch the Derby with a fellow Kentuckian who was serving up the mint juleps! My last-minute pick (Wildcat Red) did not win.

This morning, we met some friends at the park for cinnamon bread, fruit salad, and hide-and-seek. Now the boys are on their second hour of nap. I think we might have done them in.


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