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Glucose Screening for Gestational Diabetes Test April 24, 2014

Filed under: Family Life,Food,Pregnancy,School for Boys,Totally Me — leighj @ 11:30 am

So, later today, I have to go to the midwives for the one hour glucose screening for gestational diabetes. I’ve done it before, but in New Mexico, I went to a lab first thing in the morning and had the glucose drink and my blood drawn after fasting all night. Since the test is at 3:00, I obviously am not going to fast all day. They recommended eating a protein rich meal in the morning and then, within four hours of the test, not eating any simple or complex carbs.

I went to yoga this morning, and followed that with plain yogurt, shredded wheat, a piece of whole wheat toast with brie and Tofurkey. I hope it tides me over until the event. I’m not really worried about it, but because it’s different from before, I’ve been a little slow to adapt. As I was leaving the house, I overheard Seamus asking Patrick if chocolate chips were a fruit or a vegetable. We all wish!

Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Ford is speaking in a couple of hours. I can’t wait, even though I think his stories are tension filled to the point of discomfort. My students are enjoying the change of scene the stories offer. We’re reading the collection Rock Springs, if you’re interested. My parents arrive later today to celebrate Seamus’s fifth birthday over the weekend. He’s almost five–kindergarten and bus riding, and everything else. I was looking at some pictures we have around the house of him as a two -year-old, and it’s just amazing how he looks so much like his now-self and his baby-self in those photos.


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