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New Orleans with Kids, Part Three April 22, 2014

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Friday! Wedding day! We got up early, as we do when there are kids involved and a time zone shift to consider. We decided to take the Algiers Ferry from Canal Street to Algiers Point. This ride used to be free, but it’s now $2 a person each way. Still, it was a high point of the trip for both boys.

A little chilly, but ready to embark!

A little chilly, but ready to embark!

We crossed the river fast! There’s a bike path on Algiers Point, which would be really fun to rent bikes and cruise on sometime in the future. We just walked on it, and Seamus and Gilbert, being well-acquainted with bike paths, enjoyed themselves. The best part of Algiers Point was the lack of traffic. I enjoyed all the homes and gardens, but it was even more fun because we could wander without worry.  We found a little playground to swing in, and then took some flower pictures.

Classic Seamus--modeling his beads.

Classic Seamus–modeling his beads.

He wanted to stop and see if we had the particular flower at home, and if not, could we take a picture of it. Gilbert was being carried quite a bit, but he got down for some picture taking fun.

Algiers Point

Algiers Point

We must have walked about 5-6 miles that day. I’m surprised their little legs held up. It was spitting rain in the morning, but our friends had gifted us some “Barbrellas” which are umbrellas you pick up at a bar and leave at the next bar. Or something along those lines.

With personal umbrellas.

With personal umbrellas

After the ferry, we ventured to Uptown to eat at Dat Dog for lunch. For a town without a lot of veggie food, this was a pretty good choice. Cheesy fries for Seamus, again, and he did not want to share. Patrick gets the Crawfish dog. I’d have liked to try a restaurant near our hotel, Carmo, which had a great looking veggie menu. Next time!

Example of nice people in NOLA: on the streetcar, because of track work, we switch to a bus, and then back to the streetcar. We needed off at Jefferson, a lightly used stop. I couldn’t see the signs, but Patrick, standing several feet in front of me, could. I tried to get his attention, but he didn’t hear. A woman in front of me called his name, startling him. I sad, “Look for Jefferson; I can’t see the signs.” She said, “The next street is Jefferson!” So we were able to avoid inconvenience, again.

There was a lot of street work on Jefferson, dump trucks, hydraulic devices, backhoes, and more. When we walked past, a woman talked to us as she was doing work in her front yard. After a moment, she said, “Yall aren’t from here, are you?” I wonder how she figured?

Hanging on the ferry rail.

Hanging on the ferry rail.

Could it have been the beads and the tourist shirt we found in the last stash of clothing we got from friends? Seamus loves that question because he gets to launch into everything he knows about travel.

We rested and prepped for the wedding. The boys got dressed in their hand me down finest, and we were off. Making it just in time for the ceremony, we checked out the cool topiaries at the table.

Behind the boys are an elephant and giraffe!

Behind the boys are an elephant and giraffe!

They were excited to get some chocolate milk at the wedding–not to mention some cheese, grapes, and cake. The food was delicious, my friend and her husband looked glamorous, and the house was lovely. The boys quickly discovered that they could run in the front yard without disturbing anyone overmuch, so they did. The picture above is probably the last time these clothes will be clean, as there are some dirt/grass stains in there.

The weather was perfect for a wedding–cool, mild, and delightful. There was a little Carrie's Weddingphoto booth set up to take pictures–so fun! We didn’t realize Gil was too low at first. In the last one, the boys are yelling, “Beingets!”

The slide show of pics of Carrie and Andy when they were kids was fantastic, cute, nostalgic, hilarious. Gilbert liked seeing baby pics of both of them. I enjoyed seeing Carrie turn from a teenager into an adult, a process which chronicles our friendship too.

Saturday we did a repeat of beingets and took the bus to the airport. We got home and were so happy to have had a wonderful trip. The boys were really sad to leave. We’re not sure if it was the public transportation, the beingets and breakfast, or all the family togetherness time, but whatever it was, we’re itching to go back.


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