Placenta Previa Update and Telling Our Boys

I didn’t expect to have an update this soon, but I do. We had our 20-week ultrasound on Monday for fetal anatomy and to check on the previa. I had expected and prepared mentally and emotionally for there to be no movement. However, when she looked on the screen, she said, “It looks like it’s resolved, but I’ll check more closely.” Sure enough it had moved to 2.9 centimeters away from the cervix, a safe distance, especially considering that it will only get further away at time goes on. The ultrasound tech said that she can’t lift my doctor’s restrictions, but that my doctor would probably call and lift them. She was pretty shocked when I said I didn’t have any restrictions. That’s another reason I love midwife care: they told me, no restrictions, but if I start bleeding, stop doing what I’m doing. So sensible, especially when the restrictions usually prescribed don’t have evidence to show whether they help or not.

The baby looks good. He’s still a boy. (I’d though, maybe they got a shot of cord at 15 weeks, but definitely boy.) He was moving a lot and making sucking faces. He’s feet down right now, which I had thought both because of the placenta taking up valuable room at the bottom, and from where I was feeling movement. He’ll probably flip as the placenta thins out. Otherwise, I was laying in bed this morning, and I had my hand on my belly, when I felt him kick through my skin. Excited, I grabbed Patrick’s hand, and he was able to feel it too. I think that’s the earliest I’ve ever felt one through the skin.

We told the boys that they’re going to get a little brother in July. At first, they were not too excited, but as they warmed up to the idea, and thought about the new shirts our friends had passed down to them, they got interested. Then they decided that they could think of some names for the baby. They like “Patrick” but I’d say that has a smaller than small chance of happening. Gilbert suggested Chair, and it all went downhill. I asked Seamus where he thinks the baby should sleep, and he said it should sleep in Gilbert’s old crib.



  1. Glad to hear things are progressing so well. “Chair” is a pretty funny name and when you think about it no more unusual than “Apple” or “Blue” or some of the other names that float thru the culture nowadays.

  2. So relieved to hear your pregnancy is righting itself. The boys’ interest in the new addition should provide plenty of laughs if naming him “Chair” is the start of it! Keep us posted. Your last blog post didn’t carry the photos promised. Any plans to resend?

  3. So glad to ear the previa corrected itself! That is such great news! Your boys are pretty hilarious. It is going to be funny going through this pregnancy with their commentary.

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