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Picnic–and Introducing the Third January 24, 2014

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Patrick surprised me today with the announcement on other social media sites–but it’s true, we’re having a third! And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Yesterday was a relief. Things had been a little scary in my world with my flu/bronchitis and then some vague and acute fears. So I had an ultrasound ordered for yesterday morning. We were relieved to discover that our 15 week fetus was bouncing around actively and seeming to enjoy himself. (Nope, I’m not using a sexist, gendered pronoun for kicks. It’s a boy.) I have placenta previa, but usually cases resolve themselves, so that’s what I’m hoping for.

When we got home, I told Patrick to do some things he needed to do because I just wanted to hang out with Seamus before I went to work. Gilbert was at preschool. Seamus and I played Memory and then we had a picnic on the floor. That was great. He told me some not that funny Knock Knock jokes. So I told him some, and he didn’t get them, so he said, “Mama, that one made me smile but not laugh, because it wasn’t that funny.” We enjoyed ourselves, and when we picked Gilbert up, Seamus made him really jealous that he hadn’t gotten to have a picnic too.

Gilbert, in his first day of preschool this week because of all the snow, had a great day. He came home telling us that he had studied “Mawtin. Wuthen. King” He also had a placard around his neck saying, “My dream is to become Spiderman.” We were thrilled with his lesson. Later, driving home, Patrick talked about the Beltway as a highway going around Washington, DC. Gil perked up and said, “Washington DC! Mawin. Wuthen. King. did a March on Washington DC!” We were floored. Preschool is not just a petri dish for germs, but they are learning something exciting. Seamus could not wait to go learn his own version of MLK today.

Yeah, we’re a growing family. It’s a wild ride.


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