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War January 18, 2014

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Seamus has always been fairly loathe to play by himself. Gilbert will engage himself for hours, but Seamus always needed someone to sit with him while he played. That is, until he discovered the card game “War.” I taught it to him a few months ago, but recently, he’s taken to playing by himself, assigning the other players as people in his preschool class. He’s been experimenting with how he can win–how many of each card he needs, etc. Then at the table, a long recap of his most recent game ensues. It’s weird, but I’m not complaining, because he will entertain himself forever.

Gilbert and Seamus had swim lessons with their friend this morning. Gil ran the gamut. He was apprehensive and whiny about having to go. He wanted to know if I would stay with him (answer, yes, on the bleachers in the delightfully warm and humid natatorium). Then he got excited, putting on his suit and legwarmers even though we were still an hour from leaving. He kept barreling over to the door asking if it was time to go yet. P and I predicted that by the time we got there, he’d have swung the other way again and not want to swim. Sure enough, he was clingy when confronted with his teacher in the lane right next to Seamus and friend. He wanted me sit in the vile wet next to the pool. I assured him I didn’t want to get my pants wet, but I’d be “right over there, waving to you.” I extricated myself in less than two minutes, and my friend was suitably impressed with my ability to not be held hostage.

I’ve been so sick. I got hit by a nasty flu in Chicago and barely made it back on the Southwest jet. After sleeping 36 hours, I tried to teach on Tuesday. That was a mistake, but I’m finally up and around again after teaching yesterday and taking them to swimming today. Ugh. I guess I need a reminder of good health every now and then to really appreciate it on a daily basis. Ick.


One Response to “War”

  1. Maureen Q. Bell Says:

    So sorry you got hit by the flu bug. I well remember a “sick flight” home from a field trip…thought I’d never make it. Hope you keep feeling better and better. xo Maureen

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