Playing Pretend

The boys have been doing some good pretend play lately. Since we told them that they acted like Rabbit and Tigger, Gilbert’s been bouncing up and down the hallway singing the Tigger song and Seamus has been bossing him around acting like he bounced into his garden. So that’s going well.

The second incident is funnier, and more telling. The other night the boys were pretending to put me to bed. I actually really like this game because it involves me laying on the floor, not doing much. Then they said, “Don’t get up, unless you need to go potty.” Then the said, “But you can do that yourself.” Then they disappeared into the office. I vaguely wondered what they were doing. It turns out, they were pretending that they were watching a movie in the office while their kids slept. Kids will tell you a lot about how they perceive their environment.


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