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Halloween Party October 31, 2013

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This week has been pretty Halloween-y. I’m not so into it, but the boys are beyond excited. They’ve dressed up three days and know that tonight is the big deal. Yesterday, Seamus’s class had their preschool party. We stopped by the grocery to by (organic) grapes for the party. Then Seamus and I had a talk about making good choices at the party. He asked how many treats he was allowed to have at the party. So I asked him how many he thought he should have. He decided 3-4 was a good number. I told him that sounded fine. This morning I asked him if there were any really delicious treats at the party. He said, “We ate Chex Mix, grapes, cucumbers, and a couple of special treats–a rice cake with M&Ms on it and a chocolate chip cookie. So I had two treats.” I then asked, “What about a juice box?” He said, “Oh yeah, three.” Without really thinking, I asked “Three juice boxes?!” Seamus cracked  up laughing. “No! Three treats. That’s funny Mama!” He’s been really laughing a lot lately, which is nice to hear from this very serious boy. We got a book from the library, MJBlgand Seamus and Gilbert both thought it was hilarious and silly. Seamus couldn’t breathe when we go to Wednesday, and Thursday sent him right over the edge. It made me realize how few books actually make them laugh out loud. Suggestions?

Gilbert also picked out grapes to take to his class party. I feel compelled to buy organic when I send it to the class because I don’t want the other parents to judge me (one might think that I want to be free to judge them, but I’m trying not to). Moreover, I don’t know how well the grapes are washed at school, so it makes me feel better if they don’t have pesticides on them.

Gil was really bummed out that he couldn’t stay for Seamus’s party, and he was even more excited when he saw the bag of treats (pencils, spider ring, tattoos) that Seamus brought home. This morning, Gilbert was completely wound up. He had two timeouts before 8:30 (surprising since he’d only been up since 7:45) because he just could not control himself. Timeout didn’t do much except reset his brain for about 10 minutes so he could focus on breakfast.



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  1. Maureen Q. Bell Says:

    I just love your blogs about the boys! xo Nana

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