Quick Update on Travel

We’ve been doing a lot of the same, but I guess there’s enough difference to talk a little about it. We did do a trip to KY recently and caught up with friends and family. The boys had a blast, even if they were deemed too little and dangerous to go fishing. There was something about Gilbert getting ready to hit Seamus or Grandaddy or both with his fishing pole. They picked lima beans, drove the tractor, built a fire, dug sweet potatoes, looked at eggplant, broccoli, and cabbage in the garden. Seamus spent a lot of time communing with Charlie the cat, and Gilbert fed Neely the dog a lot of hot dogs.

Patrick and I made Chex Mix, got hooked on In Treatment, went to Nashville, bummed around Bowing Green, did not go see Gravity, even though I thought it sounded good, and generally over indulged. It was delightful though. The thing about visiting is that there’s always something good. Even if the travel is tiring, even if you get a nasty cold, even if you’re way behind in your work when you get back, there’s the memory of the funny things the boys said and did and learned, and it makes it worth the work of the trip.

This time, Seamus really insisted on hearing very scary stories. He got Gilbert kind of riled up, and Gilbert copied something Seamus had said earlier–“I’m not afraid of anything!” I think he said it more to bolster his own nerves rather than as a moment of truth!

A mini-photo essay!


We set off for the garden to dig sweet potatoes. Gilbert says, “Stop, Mama!”


We begin to dig. Well to be fair, I’m just shooting stills and video. Gilbert’s trying very hard to dig, Seamus is holding the bucket in an effort not to get dirty, and my dad is actually doing the work.


Seamus goes for the photo-op, finally! It is frustratingly impossible to get a good picture of this kid these days. Oh, to remember, when he smiled all the time the camera was shooting and didn’t clench his teeth when I said, “Smile!”


Mission accomplished! Lots o’ sweet potatoes for our dinner. Look at Neeley in the background.



  1. I love all the pictures! I’ve been reading the posts backward from the new year. I miss you all, you’ve got to let us know the next time you’re in town, so we can get together! Love, Shelley

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