When I Grow Up and Have Kids…

We’re at a new stage in conversation with the boys where they are able to explore the decisions we make for them and recognize that sometimes their friends parents don’t make the same decisions, or their grandparents don’t, or even that sometimes Patrick and I don’t. We’ve entered into a hilarious phase (and I think all kids go through it, so nothing too special) where they’re telling us what they’re going to do when they have kids.

  • Seamus, after leaving an indoor play place with a climbing wall: “When I grow up and have kids, I’m going to let them play wherever they want to forever! They can just stay and play and if they want to stay longer we will.” Then he was quiet for a second. “Mama, will you drive me and my kids to that place, because I don’t think I’ll know how to get there.”
  • Seamus, after lunch one day: “When I grow up and have kids, I’m going to let them have lollipops. Lots of them.” Me: “But what if their teeth fall out?” S: “Well, they can have 10 licks then they have to throw it away and brush their teeth.” (This, incidentally, is our rule.)
  • Gilbert’s is a little more abstract: “When I grow up and have kids, I’m going to name them Pity and Potty.”
  • Patrick: “Gilbert, your dogs cannot come in the kitchen to juice oranges.” G: “Ok! Doggies, you sit here and draw” G, pretending to be the dogs: “OK!”
  • Seamus: “When I grow up and have kids, I’m going to make orange juice all the time. You don’t often buy oranges.”
  • Gilbert: “Mommy, hold my doggies.” Me: “Oh these doggies love mama.” G: “You’re the mama and I’m the dada of these doges.” Seamus, roaring down the hallway: “HERE COMES THE BABYSITTER!”

Patrick says it reminds him of the scene in Home Alone when the kid jumps up and down yelling, “When I grow up and have kids, I’m living alone!”



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