Great Waves Waterpark

A couple of weeks ago, I went with some friends to take all of our kids to the water park. It was so fun. A little nerve-wracking when I was trying to keep both of mine close in the big wave pool, and all Seamus wanted to do was go out deeper and all Gilbert wanted to do was come in closer. I finally told Seamus that the ocean was the biggest wave pool ever and we were going there soon, so chill out! Then he confessed that the ocean hides things and he was afraid he was going to get pinched by a crab, like our friend Gabe did last summer. Gilbert loved the waterslides, but he only wanted to go with me and our friend’s little girl. Seamus kept running off with the big boys to go down by himself. They also had a very cool engineering feature where the kids could move the buckets and troughs around to make different patterns and pathways.

Can you argue with these smiles?!

Surfing Great Waves!

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