Danger with Dada

I’ve written a lot about how Patrick is just happier when he’s with the boys more. (I think many people are happier around little kids, but only if there are plenty of breaks built in!)

Here’s what I found them doing the other day:

Shaving With Dada
Shaving With Dada
And Gilbert Shaves Too

They got little shaving kits for Christmas, and they love them, but like anyone else, they need to keep upping the ante. The kits got to be even more fun when they could use real cream and shave with someone who was using a dangerous razor.

Then, because they’ve been riding their bikes and scooters so much, we’re taking them to the skatepark. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds, but they like it. Gil gets to the top of a hill and yells, “On your mark. Get Set. GO!” Very bossy-like.

And Gilbert.
And Gilbert.
On the Scooter
On the Scooter

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