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Little Red Riding Hood Came Home with Us June 18, 2013

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This morning Patrick left to move the rest of his stuff out of his classroom, and I gave the boys breakfast, got them dressed, and walked Seamus to preschool. They wanted to ride bikes, but I think we have better conversations if we walk, so I insisted. We did have a great conversation about cars and sidewalks and traffic lights on the way there. This is Seamus’s purview–very focused and mechanical. We stopped at the park for a minute to swing and then we went to the community center where he picked out a sticker for his chart. His teacher said, “I knew it’d be green! Is green your favorite color, Seamus?” He agreed, but I think he was just being agreeable, as he’s told me recently that his favorite color is black, and sometimes purple.

On the way home, Gilbert and I had a conversation. I suggested we walk home a slightly different way, and to make it exciting, I said it would be through the deep, dark woods and maybe we’d see a wolf. That was pretty thrilling for Gil, and the next thing I know he pauses, and exclaims dramatically, “Look Mama, there’s Little Red Riding Hood, and she’s going to walk with us. I’ll hold her hand.” For the rest of the way home, he narrated what she was telling him, explained that we had been joined by a nice wolf. Then a mean wolf joined us, so Gilbert was going to have to get his lance when we got home to poke the mean wolf so he would go away. When we got home, LRRH came in the house, Gilbert asked for a suitcase so they could go on a trip. He also asked for water for her to drink. Then, he proceeded to play by himself for 25 minutes planning his trip and how they would get there.

These boys just have a very different focus on what interests them. The good thing is that they can play together despite their different interests. Yesterday, they camped out for half an hour in their room. I made up a “bucket of fun” for them, cleaned up a lot of their clothes to the attic, but we haven’t yet had an occasion to draw something out of the bucket for an idea of things to do!

However, I haven’t been taking many pictures of them. That makes me a little sad, but I think it’s because the camera keeps disappearing. Anyway, here’s one. Gilbert is finally getting better about washing his hair, mostly because he’ll do anything if Seamus does it first. Seamus is getting better at hanging off the eagle’s nest in the backyard, so I can only imagine that G will be soon too.

Bath photo

Bath photo


2 Responses to “Little Red Riding Hood Came Home with Us”

  1. Linda St Clair Says:

    Gilbert has an imagination that reminds me of your younger brother’s.
    (1) He’s in the back seat laughing his head off and jabbering away:
    Me: “What’s so funny?”
    B: “Didn’t you hear what he said?”
    Me: “What who said?” ”
    B: “The Chipmunk.”

    (2) I was taking a friend’s child home from an outing and we pulled into their yard which had exactly two trees in it.
    B:We’re in the woods”. “There might be bears!”
    Goldie, the Golden Retriever, comes out to greet us.
    “I knew there were bears. Don’t worry Aunt Linda I’ll protect you from that bear!”

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