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It’s the Little Things April 23, 2013

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After the last week, I needed some easier days. Last week was good; it was just killer busy with my students working on their Clothesline Project about violence against women and all the coordination that involved. Then on Sunday, I took a group of students to hike in the Shenandoah National Park, Old Rag Mountain. The hike was so amazing, I’m reminded of why Patrick and I used to hike all the time, but man. It took forever to get there because the driver was confused, and then our hiking time was seriously curtailed. However, I can’t complain when it was maybe the most beautiful hiking day in the world.

Yesterday, though, was perfect. Gilbert rode his bike and Seamus rode his scooter to dance class. They loved it, even though it was a little cold yesterday morning. I had great classes, great conversations with students and colleagues during my office hours, and a great lunch in the cafeteria. I’d been a little down on the cafeteria lately, because for $4.00 I expect excellence. Yesterday was earth day and healthy Monday, so I think they were trying a little harder on the veggie options. The best was the giant bowl of fruit that I fetched after observing Sister J’s (we have nuns that teach here!). You’re probably bored, and I am too, but it was great to have the reprieve.

Now, we’re back at the childcare run around. Tuesday, I usually work with them, but I have AAUW stuff downtown today, and Patrick has stuff downtown today, and then I have a student defending her honors thesis on campus in the afternoon, and I am about to lose my mind. It’s times like these I’m ready to fork out the big bucks for extended day care so I just don’t have to deal with it. I didn’t sleep last night trying to figure it out, and trying to figure out my deadlines next week, and whew. I really can’t complain though, because Patrick took them all day Sunday so I could take the students hiking. Someday, they’ll be big enough to go too!

Meanwhile, they’re happier playing in the backyard! And…here’s where I was going to put photos, but I still can’t get wordpress to work. I may be switching platforms soon. This is driving me crazy. See…the little things.

Seamus on the climbing thing

Seamus on the climbing thing

Well, I got one up by changing the browser, but arrgh!

Gil on the bike

Gil on the bike

And another, but you know how impatient I am!


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