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A professor, four kids, and a crash course in work/life balance

Cherry Blossoms April 13, 2013

I tried to take the boys down to see the cherry blossoms last week, but I don’t actually know what a cherry blossom tree looks like. We messed around going to the metro. It was our first time using Metro since Christmas ’11 when we went to Union Station to see the trains and Gilbert’s ears hurt and he screamed the whole way there. That scarred us. I girded my strength and took a chance. The photo uploader still isn’t working very well in WordPress, so I may not be able to post photos, which was the point of this post….

Oh well. We couldn’t find cherry blossoms, but the boys had a big time running around the Mall, and we went in the Smithsonian Castle and they wanted me to take pictures of the peacock and some other items in the big gallery. A water fountain visit and their day was made! This is kind of a boring story without the pictures.

My students are working on the Clothesline Project and most of them are loving the opportunity to work on something activist as well as use their skills in a way they don’t usually get to in the more formal class settings. Some of them are excellent graphic designers, others are really good at talking to store managers and getting items donated for the project, others have really strong organizational skills. I’m a little bummed that one group who I thought would do really well has had so much trouble, but all the other groups are so successful that it’s okay. The project also gives me a chance to work with departments and people on campus who I normally don’t see, so that’s been good too.

I’m probably not teaching this summer, but I was selected for the Summer Writing Fellowship, so I’ll be writing for five days straight 9-5 the week before Memorial Day. That should be fun, but now I have to find childcare…

Cute Seamus story: Seamus has a really good friend at preschool and has been having some playdates with him. I had been annoyed because when I’m working, playdates are hard to arrange, but I’ve tried because Seamus really wants to socialize with his new “best friend.” Gilbert also likes playing with the child. On Tuesday, D’s mom told me that D had been to the playground, and some other children wouldn’t play with him. He was upset, and he told them, “I don’t care if you don’t play with me, because I have a best friend and his name is Seamus!” They’re a very nice family and live only two blocks from us, but we are in different school districts once the kids hit kindergarten.



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