Quick Takes

1. Funny story. Patrick found a drum simulator set that his dad bought for his wife years ago. He brought it home for the boys to play with. 12 years later, the thing works fine. Patrick usually gets it out with the comment, “Hey boys, want to drive Mama bonkers?” Naturally, they respond enthusiastically to this. Evidence:

DJ Seamus
DJ Seamus

2. Easter was a hit. We went to the Egg Hunt in Falls Church, met up with some friends, and set up the bounce house for a good hour. The boys were a little timid about getting in there and getting their loot, but they each picked up something they really wanted. Gilbert got a stamper, and Seamus got a tattoo. (Incidentally, the other day, Seamus informed me that he’s really good at giving people tattoos. You can take the boy out of Burque, but you can’t take the Burque out of the boy.)

GIlbert Finds an Egg
Gilbert Finds an Egg

3. The cabinet we got was a hit. It pleases me to see the living room looking neat and orderly, as it did after Patrick cleaned it on Saturday morning. We use the cabinet to store stuff that we need in the area but don’t really like to look at.

( I want to include a picture, but WordPress is really having trouble with uploads today)

4. Patrick took us to Home Depot on Sunday morning for a new toilet seat. I got some gorilla glue and picture hangers. I fixed a piece of wooden pizza out of the boys’ play food, read Harriet Jacobs, and decided to hang a gallery wall. I’m pleased with the results, even though I know other people do this way more artfully.

The Gallery Wall
The Gallery Wall

5. Gilbert carries around a roll pillow and calls it his little sister. He shares his blank-blank with the pillow and gives it kisses. If he drops it, he says, “Sowwy, little sister,” and picks it up. It’s pretty weird and hilarious. Seamus said that he wanted to sell Gilbert and get a little sister. I think it comes of reading too many books in which the older character (Franklin, Brother, Little Critter, etc.) all get a little sister at some point.

6. A companion to “Bedtime Routine” below. We’ve adjusted to the time change, but the boys are going to bed a little later. Last night, Gilbert said, “Why we in bed? It not even dark out?!” Seamus waits until one of us walks around at night, and he yells, “Who’s there!?” We have not yet replied, “A bear!” because we don’t want to scare him. Anyway, bedtime is brush teeth, two books, extra hugs, and Seamus turns out the hall light and Gilbert the bedroom light. Every other night we give them a bath, every other bath, I wash their hair. It is traumatic to wash hair. Gilbert starts sobbing before it’s even his turn. Seamus tries to be supportive, but Gilbert still can’t handle it. Sadness and woe all around.

7. I’m going to Reacting to the Past this summer at Barnard College. I can’t wait. I’m going to do Greenwich Village, 1913 and Red Clay, 1835. I did hear though, that some people bring costumes. Don’t think I’ll manage to put that together.


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