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A New Bike March 8, 2013

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Recently we decided that Seamus is getting good enough on his little pedal-less bike that he might be ready for a big boy bike, with no training wheels. Patrick is morally opposed to them, and since he’s the real cyclist around here, he gets to say on this one. Seamus is thrilled with his new bike, but he still has a little trouble riding it. Gilbert is thrilled with his new bike (Seamus’s old one). He said, “Seamus gets a new bike, and I get a new bike!!!” I’m glad he musters such enthusiasm for hand-me-downs.

New (Old) Bike

New (Old) Bike

A look of determination!

A look of determination!

You’ll notice that he’s wearing elbow pads, and knee pads, and a helmet in the grass…we never said he wasn’t going to fall. So he’s been practicing that too.



2 Responses to “A New Bike”

  1. Maureen Bell Says:

    Love their attitudes! Nana

  2. I wish I had known about balance bikes when my kids were that little. It seems like such a great idea and a much better way to prepare them for a real bike.

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