Things I Survived this Week

None of these things is all that hard, but together, they made me feel like I was just surviving.

  1. Major bouts of annoyance at everything.
  2. Reading and grading 30 student journals and 20 student essays.
  3. Reading 185 pages for one class, 70 pages for another, and 40 for another.
  4. Multiple trips to the potty for one kid or another, even when said kid did not think he needed to go.
  5. Sugar withdrawal from being on modified for vegetarians Whole30 for 5 days.
  6. Three tough but awesome yoga classes and residual soreness.
  7. Patrick’s motorcycle not starting on Wednesday which meant the sitter couldn’t come until after their art class.
  8. Walking the boys to art class.
  9. Boys waking up earlier than usual this week.
  10. Having to get up at 5:30 every day to get my work done.
  11. Staying up until 10:00 to get my work done.
  12. Writing a 20 page article, but still turning it in late.
  13. Getting revisions in for a different article.
  14. Realizing that in order to be a good adviser, I need to reach out to students regularly and warmly.
  15. External reviewer visiting campus on superstressful teaching day.
  16. Putting gas in the Vespa for the first time by myself.
  17. Getting boys dressed and ready for their day every day this week.
  18. Attending Mass for a retired professor who passed away in December.
  19. Finding the Southwest 49$ sale and then getting it all messed up, but fixed.
  20. Faced the prospect of doing most of this all over again next week.

There’s more that’s just part of my life, and most of this stuff is just part of my life, but I find my life exhausting these days. At least we’ve found a great sitter for Thursday nights who loves to play with the boys, read to them, and draw pictures for them. So we went out last night and abandoned the Whole30 plan. We’re still not eating sugar or processed food, but whatever, our lives don’t need many more stressful parameters.


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