Birthday Weekend and Childcare Angst Part Three

It’s a good thing I have a blog, because I cannot remember at all the things I’ve been doing. Like my birthday. What did we do on different years? Luckily I have those pictures from January 2010 to remind me of the four cake birthday extravaganza. This weekend we’re keeping it low key for my birthday. We spent time with friends, got pictures made at Target, did a Costco run, and started planning our Whole 30 to begin February 1. We’re definitely going to adapt so that we eat beans and lentils, because the plan is a little meat heavy. What’s best for us though, is getting away from sugar, processed food, and alcohol. None for 30 days. I bet sugar is the hardest. No dairy either, but I figure I’ll survive without my daily helping of lots of cheese. Blah blah blah. I’ll let you know.

Did you know that a lot of academics cannot type.? I discovered this on facebook the other day that there are actually members of my school who do not know how to type. I am not a great typist, but I do feel that FSHS has been redeemed a little bit by requiring all of us to take the class. Remember how we used to write inappropriate notes to each other during free type time?

Focus! Also this weekend, I’ve been to yoga, and I came home and there is a cake with chocolate chips in it waiting for me. No one else is here. I think that must be part of my birthday treat–some quiet time. Seamus woke up this morning and told me that he was going to help make my cake. Gilbert told me to change his diaper. But I don’t have to change diapers on my birthday! Or do dishes! (Gil only wears a diaper at night, so I’m not getting out of as much as I did last year or the year before.)

One of our babysitter is not returning for this semester, and she was slated to watch the boys on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. It’s been a little crazy figuring this out, but my friends have been surprisingly forthcoming with names of sitters I can call, but then my friend admitted that she grilled our Thursday night sitter to find out where we’d been out! The girl didn’t tell. She’s a keeper. The boys love her–“She zooms cars with us Mama!” And “She draws cupcakes!” and “She reads us lots of books!” It’s a change because they just want someone to play with them. I’m okay with it for an hour or two, but then I get the urge to make dinner or clean something, and then they compete for attention, and I have to reboot.

I’ve been really pleased though, with my classes this semester. Teaching Gender Studies is something I love to do. I especially like it when there are writing goals associated with the content. All of the students want to be in the class, and they are super talkative. My other classes are fun too. This summer I’m teaching EN 301, the Writing Process. I always feel a little daunted when teaching upper level writing outside of content (Like with the Gender Studies), but I’m interested to see what comes out of it.

The boys start their classes this week–dance, music, and art. We do this so that the babysitter will have something to break up her day with them, and it gets them out of the house, necessary in the winter when the park is iced over. I like the classes because we get a CD from music that is very soothing and folk music heavy.

This is a very scattered post–thanks for reading along.


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