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A Trip to Lititz Part 1 January 9, 2013

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Patrick started back to school on Thursday. We’d had a pretty nice time as a family for two weeks, and I was wondering what to do with the boys while I had no hope of entertaining them by myself (without making myself crazy–but that’s another post all together). Luckily my friend had invited me (maybe–I’m not sure if I actually invited myself) to visit her and her family in Central Pennsylvania for a couple of days.

I woke up on Thursday feeling very ill, but I had to get Seamus to his Gesell testing appointment at the school we’re thinking of sending him to in the Fall. So I hustled both boys to the car, promising them a “bar” (Lara Date Bar) at the grocery for breakfast if they would get their shoes on and get in the car right now! Did I mention that I was also packing up the car for the trip? I wanted to leave directly after the test.

I think the test went well. I have no idea. Seamus disappeared into a room and came back out later, and the woman confirmed with him that they had talked about his birthday–“Yes,” he said, “April 26th.” Now maybe most three-year-olds don’t quite have it down, but she’s never met Seamus. He loves birthdays and can recite them for everyone in our (moderately) extended family, at least the month, and sometimes the day. The other day, Patrick blended up some whipped cream with sugar free Swiss Miss and topped it with raspberries. He told the boys that they’d never had anything like it before: “It is chocolate mousse.” When Seamus heard that, he piped up, “Oh yes, I’ve had that before, at your birthday, July 10, at Mad Fox, we had chocolate mousse.” And he was right!

I’m cut short! To be continuted.


One Response to “A Trip to Lititz Part 1”

  1. Bob Says:

    Seamus is impressive!

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