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Gilbert Loves to Talk December 20, 2012

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Lately, Gilbert’s been a little chatterbox.

He’s a little afraid to go into or out of the bathroom having stepped on the nails that are juuust under the surface of the carpet. So every time, he stops, takes and exaggeratedly big step and says, “Gilbert get a nail, Mama? No. No nail hurt Gilbert’s foot!” He’s still pretty locked in the third person.

We have a duvet on our bed. The other day, Gilbert said, “Can Gilbert unbutton the blanket?” I said, “Why?” He said, “Gilbert about to” in a sing-song voice. He’s really experimenting with voice and sound lately. I can’t even explain, because I don’t think Seamus ever did the shifts that Gilbert does. He puckers his lips and kind of grunts out silly words, like “Worst Ghost Ever” and “We can Never Never do that.”

He does have some whiny times. Yesterday, he wanted lotion from the bathroom after Patrick had spend a lot of time cleaning the bathroom. So he was crying and whining that he wanted lotion. We told him to ask for it like a big boy (which does not mean say please, it means, STOP whining!). He whined again. Same thing. Then he totally changed his voice and asked for it in a happy sunny voice. So weird.

We were coming home from a party the other night and these people have all this stuff in their yard. Gilbert looked out the window and yelled, “Santa havin’ a party!” He doesn’t us “is” and “are” yet, and when he does he gets the subject-verb agreement wrong. I do that too, fairly frequently.

The Falls Church Fire engine with Santa came around recently. We put the boys to bed promising to get them up if Santa came back, but they were too excited to sleep. They sang Jingle Bells for 45 minutes until the Santa train came, and we hauled them out of bed and down the street. All the neighborhood kids were in their PJs. Gilbert loved seeing Santa atop the fire engine. It was magic on his little face. He waved and whispered, “Hi, Santa!” The fire fighters were passing out fire safety information and candy canes. The boys were super-stoked to hang the candy canes on the tree.

And a bonus Seamus story: We were coming home from picking up Gi-Gi at the airport and there was so much traffic! Seamus looked around and said, “Everybody’s just trying to get home.”


One Response to “Gilbert Loves to Talk”

  1. JT Says:

    I want a playdate… and good food… and beer.

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