Press Reboot

The semester is over. Grades are in. Tragedy abounds in Connecticut. This semester has been a really horrible one for sadness all around.

But: My friend suggested blogging something about kindness, so I will.

Friday night, Patrick was out, and I was getting kind of down. So I called some friends in NM. The first person I called didn’t answer, but the second person I called did. About two minutes into that conversation, the first person called me. She left a message saying, “It’s late for you. Call me back if you need to, otherwise call me tomorrow.” I’ve called her late one other time, when my Volvo wouldn’t start in Albuquerque. She answered, saying, “What’s wrong? You’re never up this late.” Then she gave me a ride home. Thank goodness for friends who answer when you need them too.

I hope you’re coping.



  1. Yes, we are coping. Thanks for asking. The sobering thought this weekend was that I would definitely have stepped between the gunman and my students. There’s just no question about it. So would Elena and Isaac and all these other teachers I call friends as well as colleagues. I don’t think I would have done it for any of my co-workers at any of the companies I worked for in my computer days. Such is the different nature of the job, profession, calling, whatever.

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