What They Said…

Seamus says…

  • “I’m changing my name to PAM!” At first we couldn’t figure it out, and then we realized that’s what happens in his current favorite video to watch: Olivia meets another Olivia and decides to change her name to Pam.
  • “Gilbert, you can have some of my clementine after you finish your grilled cheese.” He’s getting a little bossy with Gilbert, and he tells on him. I want to discourage that, I guess, but it’s pretty helpful when he says things like…
  • “Mama, Gilbert’s got your phone!” or
  • “Mama, Gilbert’s drawing on the floor!” And I wonder, why, kid? Why draw on the floor?
  • Long conversations about his day, the books he’s read, and comments that he’s overheard.

Gilbert says…

  • “Can Gilbert play Elmo? Elmo’s always happy to see Gilbert.” Hmmm. I didn’t realize that he took it so seriously when Elmo talked to him.
  • “Gilbert need go potty!” That is music to my ears.
  • “I don’t KNOW! Gilbert wants to!” When asked about anything that he probably wasn’t supposed to be doing. See above bullet points.
  • “Look Mama, Santa on the roof!” People have their decorations up, and G finds them thrilling.

One thing they both do is stand mesmerized in front of our neighbors’ decorations. They wave to Santa, Frosty, reindeer, Micky, Goofy, Snoopy, and all the other stuff people have in their yards. We’ve been lucky this year to catch some warmer nights to go out looking at lights, because Seamus says he is “never, never riding in the stroller again,” which basically means Gilbert doesn’t want to either. But this might be the year that they pretend all those decorations are real–they might be too old next year. It’s been fun!

Christmas plans:

  1. Scottish parade in Old Town
  2. Party at a colleague’s house complete with Christmas dancing for the boys
  3. Cousin’s birthday party
  4. Riding the “Santa Train” from Old Town to Manassas
  5. Getting Grandude’s Christmas tree
  6. Making Gingerbread men ornaments
  7. White Elephant Party
  8. Faculty/Staff Christmas Party
  9. Seeing Santa on the fire engine
  10. The whole group of Patrick’s Cousins and their kids–6 under 6!
  11. Going to the lake
  12. Another birthday party
  13. Cookie making party
  14. Visit from G-G

Whew! But fun! My last day of work this semester is the 14th, but I have deadlines so I’ll be working after that.

Edited to add: We ended up doing most of this, plus a trip to Zoolights, IKEA, and a trip to Lancaster PA for the Children’s Museum. Add a Festivus party for adults, swimming in the hotel pool, snow and hot chocolate, and you have a bang up holiday plan.


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