Intended and Not

Today I intended to do very little, honestly. I’ve been pretty wound up lately between some work deadlines, the end of the semester, and trying to catch up from the five days I spent in Puerto Rico at a conference–yeah, I went to Puerto Rico to WORK! Anyway, I’ve been getting up at 5:00 to work, but yesterday I didn’t because I teach until 9:30 on Wednesday nights. However, I was able to finish a book review I needed to submit, and I received a copy of ALN: American Literary Naturalism newsletter in the mail. It had a copy of an article I’d written about teaching Stephen Crane in it. (Tenure, I better get you.) Feeling a little ahead, I called Grandude to tell him that I could handle the boys this morning.

I intended:

  1. To wake up at five and work. (Nope)
  2. To take Seamus to preschool. (Yes)
  3. To run some kind of errand with Gilbert. (Public Library and Trader Joe’s)
  4. To pick Seamus up. (We walked, so good for us!)

I did not intend to order our Christmas cards, but I had some time–so I did! You’ll get yours soon, I’m sure.

Here’s not a preview; instead these are some pictures that I did not put on the card.



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