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Halloween: A Little Late. And How to make a Dalmatian Costume! November 8, 2012

The boys had a great Halloween.


Seamus was a firefighter, and Gilbert was a dalmatian. I thought of this combination last year when Seamus was a firefighter (dressed in the same costume as this year), and Gilbert was just along for the ride. I kept thinking, should he be a dalmatian or a fire hydrant? But then I guess I finally realized I was linking dog and fire hydrants, not firefighters and hydrants. Anyway. I had a heck of a time finding white (or off-white) pants for kids in October. Turns out it’s a summer thing, but moreover, it’s a girl thing. I could only find white bottoms in the girls’ section, and the only ones that didn’t have ruffles were off-white leggings. Exhibit A: see above. I like what my fried did for her kids (they were Mario Brothers) and listed out how the costume was easily made. So here’s how to make a super easy dalmatian costume:

1. Buy white pants and a white shirt (I got these at Target for about 3 dollars each).

2. Color on spots in random places–don’t forget to do the sides (like you would ironing). I used Crayola washable and it washed right out of the cloths; unfortunately, every time I picked him up, it came off on my hands. For his second wearing of the costume, I used Sharpie, and that stayed in just fine.

3. Pick out of your own stash a stretchy headband, cut up a white rag and color spots on it in largish triangles, staple to itself around the headband. Cut a long piece of white rag and staple to the shirt for a tail.

4. Draw a triangle of black on the child’s nose with Crayola washable.

The whole costume took me about 15 minutes once I bought the pants. And, unlike regular headbands, he wore that one the whole time.

In this picture, the boys keep telling me that they are “Kitties!” for Halloween.

Patrick took them Trick or Treating; while he had been dreading it, he actually had a great time. I had to teach…but I got to take them to Halloweenfest at Marymount.


2 Responses to “Halloween: A Little Late. And How to make a Dalmatian Costume!”

  1. Nana Says:

    Want to eat them up with a spoon. They told me they each had 2 Dot candies for dessert the other night. Even told me which colors they had. Hmmm…where did the rest of the candy go???

  2. Linda St Clair Says:

    very cute photo

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