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Fun Trip to Kentucky October 11, 2012

For Fall Break, I had a quick and fun trip to Kentucky with the boys. We left really early Saturday morning, which meant they were wide awake for the plane ride–they were really great on the plane. The novelty of having his own seat wore off for Gilbert right before we landed and he cried, wanting to sit on my lap, like he has every single other time he’s flown, but he got over it with some blanket persuasion. I felt like I was cramming him into his seat. A carseat is easier to strap a kid down in because once you fasten a buckle, you can usually get more. Gil’s strong though. Anyway. Not to focus on the negative. They were overall troopers in travel.

Saturday, I visited with my parents, my brother Bret, and my friends Shelley and Nicholas and their kids. Nicholas and I got into a discussion about sources with regard to gun control, but we had a nice conversation. I wish they lived closer. Fun times. Sunday, I went to see The Shins at the Ryman Auditorium. They were great, and I haven’t been to a concert in so long, it was quite a treat. My friend took me because once, a long time ago, I took him to see Arlo Guthrie, in Oregon. Sunday, the whole group of us walked down to the creek and threw in rock and Bret made a raft. The weather was perfect. Monday, I got to go visit my friend’s new yoga studio in Bowling Green. If you live near there, go! It was a great class (Slow Flow 5:30 Monday night). Gorgeous studio. Tuesday, my grandmother came down for a visit. The boys call her G-G for Great Granny. It’s the only completely organic name. Every other family member’s name was determined before they were born, but G-G came about when we had to clarify who she was as separate from Granny.

Wednesday, before we left, my dad worked the boys hard. They played “Farmer’s Market” a game which involves the garden, a lawn mower, a wagon, and buckets. Dad let them pull up a row of radishes to put into their buckets, which they then loaded into the wagon and drove up to the shed where they laid the radishes out so the “foolish, foolish people” could go to the farmer’s market and “pay five times the price” for produce. This is a way for my dad to imagine he’s getting back at me for not actually growing a garden myself but embracing the urban lifestyle of walking to a farmer’s market every Saturday and spending a lot of money. I don’t really care though, because now, he has to eat all those radishes the boys pulled up. Who’s the real loser in this situation?

Seamus rode the tricycle almost constantly during the visit, even parking it in the bathroom so Gilbert wouldn’t be able to get it away from him. Gilbert mowed a lot of carpet. Gilbert also helped Grandaddy carry in wood for the fire (a real fire in October!). We played hide-and-go-seek (an easy game, because they always hide in the same place they just found me). Travel was easy and light. I’d do this trip again in a second. PS I flew into Nashville and out of Louisville. The contrast is shocking. Louisville is hands down a friendlier, cleaner, faster, easier airport. Consider it.


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