Big boy bed!

My little boys aren’t so little anymore. Gilbert wears big boy briefs and gets the milk out of the fridge all by himself. Seamus can brush his own teeth and read one of his books. All last week we had been hearing, “Mama, come get Gilbert out!” first thing in the morning. We decided it was time to transition to the big boy bed…ie, swap out the side rail for the toddler rail. We were a little nervous because he could get up and make us miserable. Instead, he loves the new arrangement.

I’m trying to upload a photo that I take with the iPad, since I just got one, but it’s not working. I wanted to show you his new bed so you can see why he calls the mess of covers and stuffed animals his “whole bunch”. This leads to Seamus occasionally yelling, “Mama, Gilbert threw his whole bunch out!” Now if he throws it out, he can go get it.

I’d been kind of sad lately, because they kept calling me mom based on what their seven year old friend calls his mom, so I insisted on Mama, and Patrick thinks it’s weird, but I am just not ready to be Mom yet. They are back to Mama though. No milk unless they say Mama. I win.

Also, funny story. I was waiting to pick Seamus up at preschool, and his teacher was leaving. I heard her say to another parent that she was going to a training. Later Seamus told me that his teacher went to ride a train, but that he couldn’t go because he was working a puzzle.



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