Update on what I finished this summer…

Here’s what I ambitiously planned to do back in May:

3000 word book chapter to submit by October.

  • I wrote about 500 words and did a lot of research. This is now due November 15th, so I’ll place it on my to do for fall list.

Another 3000 word book chapter on a similar topic to submit by December.

  • Not yet. Boot to fall.

2500 word conference paper for ASA in November

  • I checked out books from the library.


I did not do any of the more nebulous research projects. I did split Chapter Four into two sections. Instead, I wrote a book review and I revised an article that had been accepted with revision. I’m still thinking abou those other things.

Humanities Summer Institute: This is really cool. I’m working with two other professors and five students on a reading seminar on iHuman. It’s so fun. We are reading Medea for tomorrow.

  • Check that one off. It was awesome. We saw Mr. Burns A Post-Electric Experience at the Wooly Mammoth Theater, went to Library of Congress, and went to the American History Museum and Natural History Museum.
  • Our group at the Natural History Museum–We also experimented with making ourselves Neanderthals.

I’m the summer adviser, so I get to help all the new students plan their schedules. I’m directing all the cool ones into my classes. Just kidding.

  • Plus I taught their mock classes. I did Joaquin Murieta at first, but then I switched to Six Word Memoir.

A few colleagues and I are working on Service Learning Initiatives in the English department and across the curriculum. We’re looking at ways (and actually implementing ways) of integrating service learning possibilities at all levels in our curriculum.

  • Did it. Very interesting ideas but still difficult to implement.

Didn’t talk to my chair about my ideas.

Beach. They love it, and now that I have an awesome sun hat, I will enjoy it too. We had so much fun with my friend and her kids who came to hang out with us over Fourth of July.

More beach. This time in New Jersey. This was great–we tacked on a trip to New York to see family, and our friend Gabe was able to come visit us at the beach. I boogie-boarded (who knew that was possible) and lost my sunglasses.

Swimming lessons for Seamus. He got really comfortable in the water this summer, and his success inspired Gilbert to try some swimming too. Soon I’ll be swimming laps without even looking at them. (Not really)

Spanish Camp for Seamus. He loved this. He made some new friends and really looked forward to going. Of course, it exhausted him.

Lots of days at Gravelly Point, the Zoo, or the Mall. Our best day was the day we took my friend’s child and met up with some other friends–the dad impressed us all with his beatboxing (and embarrassed his children.)

Cooking fun foods. Mostly smoothies and pancakes

Playing games–Seamus is finally ready for things like Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders!



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