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Our Week Back at Work August 24, 2012

Last week with the boys was a real gift. They were delightful. However, it’s started to settle on Seamus that things are changing. On Wednesday, he asked, “Mama, when Dada’s at work, and you’re at work, who’s going to be with us?” Luckily I had an answer for him. We talked about him going to preschool, and Grandude picking him up from preschool and spending time with his babysitters. He was pretty satisfied. Mostly he seemed concerned that Gilbert was going to get to do more fun things than he was going to get to do.

This week has been the opposite of last week. It’s been absolutely nuts. Monday, I took Seamus to Spanish Camp, and Gilbert and I went to the public library to get my library card. I’ve been remiss in having moved a year ago and am just now getting the card. Gil was pretty good, and he picked out books for him and Seamus, but he did not let me browse as long as I would have liked (which let’s face it, could have been all day). He really missed Seamus at nap time, asking, “Where Seamus?” and when he got up, “Is Seamus home?” For his part, Seamus liked Spanish camp, but was pretty irrational when he go home, since he was so tired. They highlight adjectives to describe your child’s behavior during the day:

Monday: happy, playful, helpful, quiet

Tuesday: happy, quiet

Wednesday: happy, playful, helpful

Thursday: happy, playful, helpful, talkative

So we can see that Seamus takes a little while to warm up to new situations. He loves this girl from his class, but I just can’t make myself ask her parents if the two kids can get together. I have my own friends with kids. Seriously, though, how do little kids develop friendships?

I’ve been at meetings and workshops and in between trying to squeeze in this article revision that I’m finding very daunting. Productivity. Soon I’m going to assess my goals for the summer. Won’t that be fun?

PS I realize my reading selections leave something to be desired. However, the year I chose to keep track of what I read would be the year I picked up a year old TIME with a recommendation for Harry Potter fan fiction….


One Response to “Our Week Back at Work”

  1. Bob Says:

    Re: reading selections…How was Catherine the Great?

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