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A Visit to the Fire Station July 28, 2012

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We are friends with a firefighter. And if you know toddlers, you know that firefighters are very exciting. Ramon offered us a tour of the fire station on Saturday, a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the evidence of that really fun trip:

We knock on the Fire Station door. Ramon Answers.

The boys receive their fire hats. They are slightly different colors, because they resided in different parts of the fire station when Ramon found them.

Seamus drives the fire engine.

Gilbert drives the fire engine.

Seamus plucks up his courage to give Firefighter Brian a high five after he’s been encased in his suit. He was pretty nervous about it!

Gilbert and Seamus shoot the cones with the fire hose.

…but, it’s easier to just knock them down by hand.

Ramon ends by teaching the boys that if there’s a fire, “Get low, and Get out!” So they demonstrate.

The best kind of outing with the boys. Thanks, Ramon & Liz! (Or as G calls him, “Moan” and S says, “Pfa-Moan”)


One Response to “A Visit to the Fire Station”

  1. Judy Says:

    What great pix!!
    Wasn’t Patrick a volunteer firefighter?
    Gilbert is getting taller! Seamus–ten ciudado!!

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