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At the Beach July 26, 2012

I don’t know if you know, but I’ve never been a big fan of the beach…or the ocean. When I was in college, I liked going out to the coast to sit on some rocks and look at the beach, but no one expects you to swim at the Oregon coast. That’s why so few people say they’re going to the beach; they all go to the coast. Anyway.

The boys love love love the beach. We sit in the sand, get it all over us, walk out in the water to rinse off, and repeat the process for a couple of hours. They never get tired of it. I got a little bored, but Patrick convinced me to walk out in the waves with him to jump some and get splashed. What do you know? It turned out to be pretty fun.

We’ve been having a blast. We rented bikes with child seats on the back and both Seamus and Gilbert enjoyed a change of scenery on the bikes. (At home we use a bike trailer, but the child seat is very convenient.) This morning, we rented a surrey to pedal along the boardwalk, and the boys liked ringing the bell on the front. I still maintain that it’s easier to split them up, because there was only one bell on the front, and they both wanted to ring it at the same time. (Maybe this is why the old lady in the pool kept recommending that I pick up a copy of Siblings without Rivalry. Anybody read it?)

Our friend Gabe visited for an overnight, and he had a big time. He’s a water fiend and at 9:00 at night he was diving into the ocean waves. He encouraged Seamus to go out a little further and he was playing wiffleball with Seamus in the sand. Gabe had been hitting the ball into the ocean, but Seamus was a little afraid to run out and get it from the waves, but he began to understand that it just comes back to you.

So, the beach. Not so bad. I’ve been making judgmental comments about people’s sunburns, but now I’m afraid I’m going to have one on my back.


One Response to “At the Beach”

  1. haaa! I have been burned so many times. And that was just this summer…

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