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A Not-so-Great Day Turned Good July 13, 2012

Yesterday was one of those days. It started fine. I took Seamus to swimming, and at my work, he answered my dean’s questions regarding his name, age, and what he was doing at school. “Are you helping your mom work?” “No, I’m going to swim class.”  I dropped of his paperwork for Spanish camp next week and came home.

I picked up Gilbert to take to the Sprayground (a playground with water features). It was packed, but not so packed that we couldn’t have a good time. Gilbert bolted onto the tennis court once, and a little girl came over to me asking “Where’s my mom?” but other than that it was pretty low key. Actually they didn’t want to play in the water too much…I think it was cold. And as for the girl, her mom came bolting over as soon as she saw me talking to her kid. Some moms were hogging the baby swings as there were only four and I counted ten minutes at least on the swing for four different women. S & G loved the three-way teeter-totter and actually interacted a little with other kids who played with them.

After the sprayground, it went downhill. I took them to Trader Joe’s because I needed just a few things. They were hungry and cranky because we’d pushed lunch and nap back about 45 minutes. I paid for that in the form of a tantrum from both boys–Gil because he was frustrated with his lack of ability to move from the front seat of the cart to the back and Seamus because he kept saying “No, I want to talk loudly.” I told him to talk quietly, and repeat. So you can see how well that went. We got out of there quickly. This older lady was trying to be helpful, but she ended up shaming me for my kids’ behavior. When I got out of the store and tried to take the bags to the car, they both split wide open. Peaches everywhere. (Side note: There are not usually cart returns located in Arlington/Falls Church/NOVA parking lots, so you either take the cart out to unload and return it or unload before you leave the store. With two little kids and even one bag, this is a challenge.) At home, a birthday card I had sent to a friend was returned and I got a discouraging email. I had planned to ride the scooter to swim, but I decided not to leave the house again!

My day turned around though by hanging out with Patrick during naptime, and then when the boys were up, I asked if they wanted to have popcorn and family movie night (the first one ever). They were so excited…mostly because they like popcorn. They took a great bath, got into their pjs and watched me make popcorn in the air popper. We all sat down to watch Cars on our little computer. It was so fun. They watched about 25 minutes and ate all the popcorn and when we said, “It’s 8:00; time to pick out your book and go to bed,” they hopped right up, brushed their teeth, listened to two books, and went to bed. I told Patrick that popcorn was the reason I wanted kids in the first place.


2 Responses to “A Not-so-Great Day Turned Good”

  1. Nana Bell Says:

    Those boys are priceless! xo Nana

  2. JT Says:

    Yeah, but what was your reason to have a second one?

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