Six Word Memoir

I was talking to a friend about a week ago about the mock lesson she was teaching for a job interview. She told me that she was working on Six Word Memoirs with the class. I thought it sounded great, and since I’d been tapped to teach mock classes for the new student orientation, I decided to create a lesson on the same concept for her. I’m attaching the lesson here, and you’re welcome to use it, but if you use my slides, give me credit. Thanks.

Six Word Memoirs

The students’ memoirs were fun to read. My favorites were:

“Swimmer’s dreams crushed by multiple injuries.”

“Went straight from baby to babysitter.”

Here’s Mine:

“Lucky all the time. Knock wood.”

Want to share yours?



  1. Feel like mine is “You mean there’s an easier way?”. Love yours, live the blog and miss you.

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