I need a new workout Partner

The only times in my life that I have actually felt super fit were when I had awesome workout partners. In fact, these women taught me how to swim, run, and bike for fun and competition. I have also been really missing the conversations that come along with the workouts. Here are some of my nostalgic favorites:

I read an article about running in the NY Times, and so I decided to try it. Haha, the first day I could only run about 10 seconds at a time! But I started running with my friend Christine who didn’t mind if we walked often and who always kept a stash of Miller Lite in the fridge for the post run beer. We hashed out a lot of early grad school issues. She and I also did some epic bike adventures, like putting our bikes on the Rapid Ride in a quest to ride on the west side without having to climb the mesa.

Later, I was running often with Myrriah, who made me do two a days to train for my first triathlon! Good plan. She knew all the best running spots all over the city and took me to all of them. Running became an adventure. We talked all the time about Chicana lit, feminism, and crazy poems and plays. Intellectually stimulating and a work out! She was with me when I got hit by a car. I thought she might not bike with me anymore after that but she did. She even biked with me after I ran into her crossing the street and knocked us both down.

After Myrriah moved, I ran with Gayle and Sheri. But mostly we swam. Kicking back and forth across the pool, we held conversations in 1 minute bursts. Sheri planned her beautiful wedding, Gayle and I reassured ourselves that our wild toddlers were normal. We did a triathlon together and G forgot her helmet and my bike tire went flat, but we still want to do one all together in Malibu someday. What could go wrong?

I MISS my workout friends. I have run with Patrick, but he runs 10 feet in front of me, always. We bike together, and that’s fun (see my next entry on the Williamsburg Weekend), but it’s hard to get out together with the boys. My new colleague and I were doing yoga together at school, but she went to North Carolina this summer.

I wouldn’t worry, but I have this triathlon coming up: the Athleta Irongirl on August 19th. And check out the distances. I’ve got to practice. Who’s with me?



  1. Wish I was there to exercise with you (and run out of altitude)! I have been doing hot yoga, and I LOVE it.

  2. Oh LEigh! We miss you and I wish we could workout together again. I haven’t been swimming this year yet and could use some motivation from my partner….

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