Photo Evidence of Previous Posts

I don’t know if I’ve really blogged yet about riding a Vespa. It’s really fun! Patrick’s uncle gave us his Vespa once he had decided he wasn’t going to ride it anymore. It was running great, so I took it to work. I’ve been riding it to and from on days when it’s nice out. But I’ve also been trying to ride my bike. Need to exercise!

I was a little nervous. I’ve since ditched the big jacket in favor of a reflective vest.

It wouldn’t start Tuesday night after a full day of work, the Transit of Venus Party, and then a showing of the bizarre Danish version of Medea. At 10:00 at night, I was trying to get it to start; it wouldn’t, so I walked the three miles home. Good thing we live in a very safe area!

We took the boys to the zoo. One gripe about the zoo is that for little kids, it’s a lot of walking for not much animal payoff. Well, compared to the Albuquerque zoo anyway. They like climbing on the animals.

They’re on a black bear statue.

This particular day, the elephant exhibit was closed and the tigers were sleeping, but the Orangutans were climbing on the O-line and this volunteer kept warning people not to walk under them. Sure enough, we heard a collective roar from the crowd, and when we walked back by, there was a giant puddle! We had camped out on a bench and watched them for a while–there were five playing on the o-line that day!

And good-bye to the silver car. It was a fine piece of machinery.

Looking good!

Patrick did a great job selling the car. He kept getting texts from this guy and he was worried about trolling, but it was real! I think if I bought a car, I’d like to get one from someone who has only owned the car within the family, as then you know it’s not a lemon. Like when selling a house, you spiff it all up and then you remember what you like so much about it. We just are in a position where we don’t need two cars. Thanks for your nice comments about the car transition. I was thinking of some of you when I wrote that last post!


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