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One Car Family June 7, 2012

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We did it! We took the leap to become a one car family. Our trusty VW Jetta has now gone to a new owner, seemed like a nice guy, and we are down to a Mazda 5 for the boys and us. This may actually be strange as Patrick starts a new job and we might need the car for work, but we have no shortage of vehicles. With a Vespa, bikes, and a motorcyle, I think we’re well covered for transportation! I’ll keep you updated on our adventures, but the plan is for me to ride to school on my bike, Patrick to ride on  his bike, and if I have to do boy pick up and drop off, to take the car.

We had wanted to sell the Jetta before moving from NM, but we didn’t get the money we wanted for it, so we drove it back here, put 5000 more miles on it last year and now we’ve sold it. I figure it will save at least $1000 a year to not have the car, but it’s possible that there’s more savings than that. The boys were a little sad to see it go, so they gave it bye-bye pats. Seamus sat in the window and yelled things like “I don’t want them to take the silver car!!!” while the people were looking at it. I’m sure that helped our case to get it sold.


2 Responses to “One Car Family”

  1. Guru Muru Says:

    Come winter, this should give you some great stories to blog about…

  2. We’ve been a one-car family for eight years and have loved it. We downsized when we moved to DC, too. I hope we never have to get two cars, but it’s probably inevitable eventually. But in the meantime, the money savings are great.

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