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My 200th Post! And Pictures of Boston May 22, 2012

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I’ve had this blog for about two and a half years, and this post marks my 200th time writing here. I appreciate you reading and following along. From NM to VA, grad school to employed, one kid to two, my blog has been a spot where I can chronicle and share.

Boston pictures were promised, I believe. I went to Boston for the PCA/ACA annual conference. It was a great conference with much participation from my school. That means I spent a lot of time in sessions. We also got out for some fun.

Seamus on the pink horse

Gilbert waved to Patrick every single time.

The carousel was a big hit. Gilbert cried for a long time when he had to get off of it.

Riding the bus from BWI parking to the airport.

The boys were very excited about riding the parking bus to the airport. We got on and as P and I were fooling around with the luggage, they ran straight to the back to climb up in the all the way across the back seats.

On the plane! Gilbert’s next to last trip as a lap child.

On the T.

I think I mentioned it before, but Boston’s public transportation was a big winner. The boys loved riding the T. We haven’t been on Metro since we got back, but I think maybe they could enjoy it now. (Gil’s ears used to hurt on metro.)


We went to dinner with Patrick’s aunt Judy. She spoke Spanish to Seamus, Gilbert stuffed his face with grilled cheese, and afterward we checked out the lobster tank. Very cool. Later, when we had returned home, the boys became obsessed with the lobsters at Giant.

Boston Aquarium.

I would make a return trip to the Boston Aquarium. It was awesome, and Seamus got a lot out of it, but Gilbert was already tired when we got there, and he was happier watching the boats, airplanes, and harbor seals outside.

It’d be safe to say that this is a lot of what we did, ride on things, and eat. If I had a picture of Seamus swimming or seeing the Make Way for Ducklings ducks, that would round out the story a bit. We also visited Patrick’s grandmother which was an incredibly rewarding experience.

All photos by Patrick’s iPhone–not bad, huh?


2 Responses to “My 200th Post! And Pictures of Boston”

  1. John Says:

    I am happy for you guys. You seem to be doing well. Just wish you were eating dinner with us a little more often…

  2. Linda St.Clair Says:

    I remember when we took you to Boston and you were only a few years older than the boys. You had a great time following the colored lines and became totally obsessed with Paul Revere. The colored lines (I think they were red, green and yellow) led to various tourist sights.

    Hey, and there is nothing wrong with a trip that is focused on riding things and eating. When the boys legs are longer and their attention span is longer you can add strolling/walking to the trips.

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