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Easter May 14, 2012

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I realize it’s very late, but as I mentioned, we’ve had some trouble getting photos from the camera to the computer. For Easter, I took the boys to the Falls Church Community Egg Hunt. I forgot to get them baskets, so I dug out a couple of purses that are awesome, but too small for my wallet, phone, keys, and diaper now. Seamus immediately lay claim to the pink one.

Finding Eggs

At first, I was standing next to a blocked off area with lots of candy, but then a woman noticed and said that the area for little kids was in another space. Actually I was pleased, because there wasn’t so much candy there, and Seamus and Gilbert showed very little interest in picking up anything other than the plastic eggs. They had so much fun. When they figured out there was stuff in those eggs–even more exciting! Their favorites were the bunny tattoos. They stayed looking that their loot so long a Falls Church photographer came over to take pictures of them. I didn’t remember to check that issue of the paper to see if there were any published.

Then it was on to the Easter bunny. After all the trouble between Gilbert and Santa, I didn’t have high hopes, and I was right not to. Gil wanted none of it, but he did like standing on the stage. I could hardly pull him off.

Easter in Falls Church!

I’ve also got Boston pics, so look for a post on that later. The best thing about Boston that’s stuck is that Seamus is now very confident in the water. He got swim floaties from us for his birthday, and yesterday he walked out into the lake with them on. He lifted his feet and kicked and swam his arms. It was so exciting for us! Gilbert liked filling the buckets with water and dumping them out.


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