Notes on Language


  • Calls himself “Bil-bert”
  • Has really developed a sense of ownership. He points to different things in the house and says who they belong to–or who uses them the most. “Mama’s book” “Shay-shay’s chair” “Dada’s cup” “Bilbert’s jacket” etc.
  • Tried on Seamus’s big boy briefs yesterday, pulled them up over his legs and said Big Boy Briefs! Then on the changing table, he told P that he wanted to wear big boy briefs, no diaper.
  • Has opinions about what he wants to wear, read, and do. I don’t know why this surprises me, but I was looking back on the blog to see where Seamus was at almost 18 months, and it seems like it was pretty similar. Although, I do maintain that I have very little memory of S at this age because I was so sleep-deprived with Gilbert as a baby.


  • Counts things. But if you ask him how much he wants of something he says, “6!”
  • Eats a ton of food. Four pieces of pizza last night!
  • Reads “Go, Dog, Go!” to GIlbert.
  • Can work the iPod by himself.

They’re pretty fun right now.


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