Babysitting Is Awesome

Long bike ride this AM with Patrick while Jamie watched the boys. They really like her. After crying when we left pretty consistently, Gilbert didn’t cry last time she was here, and this time he was saying, “Bye Mama! Bye Dada! Bike!” This is not to say that G doesn’t like family babysitters…he loves them. But now he likes her too. Seamus talks about her all the time when she’s not here.

A couple of book things: Last month, I went to a reading with my colleagues. One of their friends was reading from her book, The Kitchen Daughter. I bought a copy because that’s what you do at a book reading. I ended up being an interesting book. The premise is that a woman with Asperger’s loves to cook. When her parents die, she discovers that she can bring back ghosts through cooking. It’s sad, compelling, and interesting. I thought the ghosts might annoy me but they seemed to work in the novel.

I read Passing with my students in The American Dream. They did a great job discussing the text! P asked why I’m having them read such short books, and I said that if the book is provocative, it doesn’t matter if it’s short. Most of them seem to be doing the reading–Yay!

It’s Saturday now…I wrote this earlier section on Wednesday. I was actually looking for some photos to post, but that looks like they’re going to be ready for the next post. Babysitting is still awesome, but so is being with the kids. I took them to the play place in Tyson’s Mall today and I felt guilty because it is so pretty outside, but I had already told them that’s where we were going, and Seamus in a phase where he needs to have a good understanding of the plan before we go places.

So we went. S was having a great time standing on a representation of a milk jug. This much older girl wanted to jump from a representation of some newspaper to the jug. She had her henchman go up to S and tell him to get off. He jumped off but then hopped right back on. As this was playing out, Gilbert came over to see if he could help. The henchman was getting angry at Seamus, but every time he succeeded in intimidating S off the milk jug, G would climb up on it behind his back. The two bullies became very frustrated because S & G together kept spoiling their plans. And that is a nice antidote by way of anecdote to my earlier post about annoying a sibling.

BTW, the parent of the older kids was on the phone in a corner paying no attention to the kids.


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