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Annoying a Sibling February 2, 2012

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Probably no one out there in the world can push your buttons as efficiently as your brothers or sisters. I have two brothers, and we can all get the others going in less time than you’d expect. We don’t see each other much these days, so it’s mitigated by that a bit, but we do have a lively email format in which we all email each other with the goal of getting a reaction–just for good measure, my parents are cc’d on each of these emails to ensure maximum gotcha-ness. 

Seamus sobbed the first time he saw Gilbert. He proclaims to love him now, but Seamus can still take things away from Gilbert and set him off. They know that any overt aggression (biting, kicking, hitting, pushing down, etc) results in time out, so they’ve had to get more clever in their goading of the other. This morning, Gilbert was using his new words to annoy Seamus. In order to fully understand this story though, you have to know that S really is precise in his language. For example, I offered him a nut, and when he saw it, he yelled, “That’s not a nut, it’s an ALMOND!” 

This morning, after they had both gotten up, G said to S, “Night, night, Shay, Shay.” S replied, “It’s not night night, it’s breakfast time.” G repeated himself. S, more agitated repeated himself. G grinning repeated himself. S, melting down, “NOOOOO, Dilbert!”

Later this morning, watching out the window. G, “Hi, Grandude!” S jumps up to look out the window, “Grandude’s not out there.” G laughing, “Hi Grandude!” S upset at being taken in, “No, he’s not there.” And later, when Grandude came, G said it again, and Seamus didn’t believe him and was a little taken aback when Grandude walked in the door.

I’ve decided that the best motivation for learning to talk is to annoy a sibling.


2 Responses to “Annoying a Sibling”

  1. Maureen Bell Says:

    Cunning, devious, full of mischief. On the other hand, he was right there at the naughty rug/time out to provide solidarity with the imprisoned Seamus the other night. Brotherhood provides all sorts of opportunities. Nana

  2. Ha! They sound so much like Cole and Eli. Cole the perfectionist is easy to goad, and Eli sure loves to get him riled up. It would drive me crazy if they didn’t love each other so much. (Okay, who am I kidding. It does drive me crazy.)

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