Weekend with Gil

P & S took off this weekend to visit relatives in NY. I stayed home with Gilbert. What started out to be a very stressful weekend ended up blissful. I have to teach Friday morning, so I wasn’t sure what to do about a babysitter for the boy, but It worked out when they delayed the trip a bit. I got home, changed clothes and first things first…I put him down for a nap.

When he woke up, in a great mood, we played, went to a housewarming, and had a great night. Saturday we woke up to snow! We trekked to the farmer’s market, and in his bunting, Gil was a big hit. There’s nothing like a bundled up baby to make you appreciate how pretty the world is when covered in white. Eggs, brussels sprouts, & cabbage. I think I’m going to make a cabbage pie. My friend Liz came over and we ventured to the mall. Again, Gil had a great time in the stroller, mall-walking, and playing in the children’s play area. Today he’s been playing with the sled, his blanket and the paper bags in the kitchen. 

What I’ve enjoyed most is being able to focus on him and hear all the words he’s saying and notice all the things he can do. With Seamus around, it’s easy to focus on him because he talks more. But Gilbert has so many words and such a sly sense of humor that it’s been really fun hanging out with him. He’s also had many fewer tantrums than usual. This morning, he was doing an experiment with a cup, a water bottle, some beans, and water. He concentrated for twenty minutes before the finale of the expriment which was knocking the whole shebang over on his highchair tray.Uh-oh! he exclaimed. Then he was ready to get down and build his flute. I’m now ready to split the boys up a lot more because, wow. One is so much easier! 



  1. Why do you think I always just had one of the nieces & nephews at a time? Better for both me & the child.

  2. Are you starting a list of volunteers??? Me-me-me! Seamus was the perfect child in NY. You would have been so proud. Sounds like lil bro was the perfect child in VA. They are such wonderful boys. OK, I’m biased….Nana

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