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I Cut Gilbert’s Hair… December 12, 2011

Filed under: Events,Family Life — leighj @ 7:49 am

And here is the evidence:


Note the fine mullet growing up in the back. This may also be around the time the WKU team did not receive a bid to a bowl game.


Patrick thinks he looks like a St. Clair here. I don’t know. What do you think?

I also put up the Christmas tree this weekend:

Gil likes his Security Blanket

And I worked six days in a lead up to finals week. Since we went to Christmas dinner at Marymount last night, you might say I worked seven days…

Seamus and the IPod

And Seamus played Cupcakes before bed. He looks like a little boy now. Occasionally he’ll say, I’m not a really big boy yet. It’s all in relation to coming to terms with Gilbert not being a baby anymore, but also not qualifying to be a big boy…


One Response to “I Cut Gilbert’s Hair…”

  1. shelley Says:

    Gilbert grew by two years by just cutting his hair!

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