We Went to the Beach…in November (and Gilbert had no Shoes)

It still was super fun. Seamus was really into finding shells, and this time, unlike last time, Gilbert tried to run straight into the water.

Lots of Sand!

We also went to the Cape May Zoo.

No Shoes!

Gilbert has a knack for taking off his shoes–everywhere. We have to be really careful when taking him for a walk in the stroller to make sure we have all the shoes on the way home. At a restaurant this weekend, we almost lost his really cute (warm, necessary) slippers, but Pop Pop saw them. People kept running up to us saying, “he’s only wearing one slipper!” I think the temperature had people thinking we were abusing the kid, but anyone with children knows…sometimes they just won’t wear shoes. On the zoo boardwalk above, we let him run all around in his socks. You can see how pleased he was.

Willful Gilbert. That’s him. Eating out? Only if Gilbert wants to sit in the high chair. Normally, we can just make him at home, but out and about? People want to enjoy their dinner.


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