Bonsai at the National Arboretum

We do try to get out with the boys on pretty days, days I have off, or really anytime they need a change of scenery. We thought the National Arboretum would be a good change of pace, and it was! At first, thought, this trip had all the makings of a bust. We wandered around looking for stuff to look at. First lesson, if you go there do not walk on the main road. It’s not very interesting. As we felt unmoored, giving the boys snacks and trying to encourage Seamus to walk, I asked someone where the Asian gardens were. They pointed us back the way we’d come. Unconvinced that we’d missed anything, we turned around–and that turned our excursion around!

Check out what we found!

Interesting Bonsai
A mini-forest!
Tiny Fisherman
Koi Pond

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  1. Lovely! We had that same little fisherman on our kitchen windowsill for years…did Patrick recognize him? mqb

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