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Toddler Games September 6, 2011

With Gilbert’s first birthday–can you believe he’s one?!–we’ve developed a lot of games that the boys like to play.

Fort–This involves getting on Mama’s bed and pulling the sheet over our heads. Sometimes Seamus snores in the fort. He pretends. Gilbert doesn’t really like the fort. I think he might be claustrophobic. He does, however, like to crawl to the edge of the bed, ignore the fact there’s a ledge there, and go head first off the edge. Getting on our bed and playing fort can change their moods really fast.

Baby on the Stairs–Gilbert loves climbing up and down the stairs. He used to try to go down like fully grown people, but a few bumps and he’s decided he’s safer if he goes down on his bottom. Seamus likes to chase Gil up the stairs, but I think he realizes that if he chases him down, Gil might fall.

Roundy-Roundy–I spin Seamus in circles until he gets dizzy. This isn’t as entertaining as it used to be because he stands in one spot until the dizziness disperses. It’s funny when he does it himself because when he tells you he’s dizzy, it sounds more like “busy.”

Poundy-Poundy–I was hanging pictures in our new place, using the hammer, and Seamus liked the noise. Then the house across the street from us was gutted and rebuilt. They do a much louder poundy-poundy over there! Now Seamus likes to take his plastic hammer and go poundy-poundy on various things.

Sprinkler Fun–We set up the sprinker in the back yard after the inflatable pool caught a leak. Now the boys just run through it. They like the grass and the backyard, and the volume of insects in the yard has diminished since the onset of cooler weather.

And the correct answer comes from Michael: A manhole cover is round because it can’t fall through. If you pick it up, there is no way to force it through the hole!


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