Registering a Car in Virginia

Is a giant pain.

First you have to have a car.

Then you have to get inspected, injected, infected, and ne-glected. Or not. Actually you do have to get and inspection, but before that, you try to anticipate any problems with the machinery that the inspection will turn up.

We got new tires for the Mazda. And a new windshield. Cause apparently, it’s safer to drive around without a giant crack along the driver’s line of sight that reflects a lot of sunlight. Did you know that people will come to your house to replace windshield glass? I guess they’d also do it at your office (or as S says, “Oppice”).

P made four trips to the DMV. An insurance card with your address is not acceptable for establishing residency. FYI.

It’s been a long process, but we now have VA plates on both cars (incidentally, on both the front and the back!)


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