Anti-DNR Post

The blog is gasping for air. We will resuscitate.


We’ve been in Charlottesville, VA exploring farmer’s markets, grocery stores, walking trails, lake beaches, and other exciting places. The boys are making leaps and bounds of progress, despite the uncertainty in which house we’ll be sleeping in tomorrow night, not to mention all next year.

Gilbert is really trying to walk. He took a first step at P’s dad’s house over the weekend. He’s been standing for a while, but this time, he lifted his foot and moved it forward. He also said “Ba” for ball. He says, “Bye bye” consistently when I hang up a phone or the little frog toy says it. He’s eating a ton, and we’re (finally) back to getting him to (mostly) sleep through the night. With the developmental leaps some some set backs. He has perfected pitching a fit every time he gets near his carseat. As in stiff as a board, screaming, will not bend his knees. He loves the pool, but he really only wants to swim with me. I tried to pass him off to someone and he made the worst Merritt sneer at him when I took him back. He’s willful, that one. Teething trouble hasn’t helped. I count four teeth breaking through right now.

Seamus is using complete sentences, sleeping in a big boy bed, and wearing big boy briefs all the time, except at night and long car rides. He, too, though is going through some unfortunate behavior. Every now and then, I’ll be sitting near him and he’ll look up and yell, “No, Mama. No mama sit.” And he doesn’t want me around. I’m cool with it (as much as can be expected) because I’ve heard it’s a part of developing independence, but we’re working on asking nicely. Other times he’s loving and funny, puckering up for kisses, and looking for people’s bellies to flubber. He did Gilbert’s this morning to general hilarity.

P and I spent the better part of Thursday and Friday looking for houses to rent in Arlington or Falls Church. I’m hoping we hear on this one soon because it’s only 3 miles from Marymount, 3 miles from Patrick’s dad, and there is an adorable little toddler park two blocks away. It’s also walkable (sort of, about a mile) to Orange Line Metro, and it’s right on the bike path. Notice I have said more about the location than the actual house. The house is small, but cute–the best part is no stairs for the boys.

Speaking of bike paths. Check out this website on biking the C & O canal. 330 miles without traffic from Pittsburg to DC! I really really want to go!

Now I have to go write 5,000 words on La Llorona.


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